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The mouth is the center of all speech and the location of consumption; therefore, it is an important body cavity. The teeth are used everyday and everyone sees them. Although what happens when sometimes they are causing more harm than good? They have to go. This is called a dental extraction or more commonly known as having teeth pulled. Most people who live the vicinity of a San Ramon dentist experience dental extraction at some point, if not natural extraction, which is the falling out of one’s baby teeth. There is also the common more complicated extraction of the wisdom teeth molars in early adulthood. It can be a serious surgery or a simple one, but over all it is important to select the proper dentist or oral surgeon.

There are many other causes where a tooth may need to be extracted and learning about one’s situation can help in choosing a dentist. One may have an infection or the tooth may be beginning to decay and need to be removed at the root. Sometimes teeth may be removed because of damage or looseness. Other times, teeth may be removed because they are squeezing the other teeth together and causing others to become misaligned and tilted.

Despite the normality of an extraction, it is important to hire a professional dentist in San Ramon who can expertly help with the specific extraction needed in each person’s unique case. If someone thinks they need an extraction, the easiest thing is so see one’s regular dentist to see what type of extraction is needed. It can either be a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. A simple extraction is a basic procedure and may not need a local anesthetic, but the area will usually just be numbed.

However, surgical extractions, as for wisdom teeth or other molar removal, are complicated and require anesthesia through an IV or in some cases, general anesthesia. If the extraction is simple, whatever dentist one regularly sees will probably suit the situation. However, if a surgical extraction it is important to gather more information.

If one has a regular dentist and needs a surgical extraction, ask for their suggestion or use their oral surgeon on staff. If it is a surgeon outside of their practice, is it always important to find out if one’s insurance policy will cover the procedure. Also consider an oral surgeon that specializes in the type of extraction that is needed. For example, does that surgeon regularly perform the removal of wisdom teeth? Ask the nurses whom they consider to be the best for the surgery needed and ask the surgeon how many times they have performed the surgery.

Those concerned about the various types of anesthesia may also find it useful to ask the oral surgeon which type they plan to use. This may be a factor in deciding which surgeon to use.

It is also important to make sure that the oral surgeon one is considering is board certified. The correct certification is from the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and will be in the dental office. If it is not on display, ask to see copies to make sure the surgeon is board certified and the certifications are up to date.

As with any medical care, getting a second opinion can be a helpful source when choosing which dentist to use. Some dentists provide more information than others and are more experienced or more professional. It is also good to make sure the different dentists agree on what type of extraction or whether an extraction is needed at all.

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