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If your youngster plays youth hockey, then you definitely need to look into purchasing a mouth guard for him to use. If you live in the US, USA Hockey requires all players to wear them and often players undergo mouth guard checks when participating in tournaments. Even without the requirement, wearing a mouth guard is just common sense.

Why is the mouth guard a requirement?

Medical research shows that mouth guards shield your teeth, make concussions less likely and keep your temporomandibular joint from as much exposure to injury risk. Also, keeping those teeth in your head will improve your smile and help you to stay away from expensive dental treatment.

How do you choose a mouth guard?

If you want the best performance from your mouth guard, you have to keep it in your mouth and it has to fit correctly. If the young player lets his hang from his helmet or just gnaws on one of the corners, that does not provide any protection. It is important to choose one that your young player enjoys and will wear.

You can get mouth guards in one of three formats: stock, formed and custom. Stock mouth guards come in one of three sizes. These are the least costly, but they are also often the least comfortable. If your kiddo loses things all the time, though, a stock mouth guard might be the best bet. If you think you are just at the start of a growth spurt with your youngster, this could be a good idea until he reaches a more stable plateau for a while.

The formed mouth guard is also called the “”boil and bite”" mouth guard. These are a little bit smaller and easier to deal with in the mouth. You put it in boiling water to make the material soft and then bite it to fit it to your mouth. These are a little more expensive than the stock mouth guards.

Custom mouth guards either come from your dentist in San Ramon or from a kit that you use at home. The price range is higher, ranging between $60 and $300. However, the fit is excellent and you can breathe and talk easily while wearing it. If you have ever heard someone try to talk while wearing a stock or even a formed mouth guard, then you know that this is a significant benefit. This is an excellent choice if your youngster has reached a point in his or her life where holding onto things is not as much of a challenge.

The decision that you make for your youngster will make a big difference, because he or she is less likely to keep an uncomfortable mouth guard in.

Once you have chosen a mouth guard, here are some tips to help you know if it fits correctly:

It should fit snugly while remaining comfortable.

Talking and breathing should take place without significant discomfort — this is even true with a stock mouth guard, so if that is an issue, upgrade in size or at least move up to the formed variety.

Some formed or stock mouth guards need to be trimmed to fit into your mouth, particularly if it is for a smaller child. It still must cover all of the teeth, though.

Once your child has stabilized a bit in growth and is not leaving a coat at school twice a week, think about a custom mouth guard when you enroll him in hockey. That will help keep him happy (his mouth will not hurt) and you happy (he will not be leaving teeth on the ice).

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